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When selling or letting property it is a legal obligation to have a valid Energy Performance Certificate, EICR Electrical Landlord Certificate, Gas safe Certificate  in place.

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), Electrical (EICR), Gas certificates (GAS SAFE) is a legally required document that provides detailed information about a property’s energy efficiency, giving a rating on a scale from A to G. The EPC also offers suggestions to improve your property’s energy efficiency, potentially saving you money in the long term.

EPCEICR, GAS SAFEs for sellers

When selling a property in the UK, it is now a legal requirement to have a valid EPC in place before the marketing of the property begins. Your EPC needs to be ordered before you begin to market your home, and therefore available to interested buyers as and when required.

EPC, EICR, GAS SAFEs for landlords

Landlords are also required to have their properties energy assessed before they are let. EPCs for every property must be made available to prospective tenants when they view your property.

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